MYMULIKE Adjustable Bed Risers 3 Inch,Furnitures Risers Heavy-Duty Bed Elevator Blocks for Furniture Elevation

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Flexible Height Adjustment: Elevate your furniture by at least 2 inches with the option to stack additional weight-bearing blocks for an extra inch of height per block. Increase storage space and improve cleaning angles with this affordable and versatile home accessory.

Engineered for Strength: The trapezoidal design provides superior weight-bearing capacity and stability compared to square designs commonly found in the market.

High-Quality Materials: Made from premium ABS plastic, these risers are wear-resistant and anti-slip, with a weight capacity of at least 3000 pounds. The bottom of the risers features non-slip strips that protect your hardwood floors. Quiet and slip-resistant, these risers are the ideal choice for your home.

Versatile:Risers suitable for a wide range of furniture types, including heavy beds, tables, and cabinets, as long as the diameter of the furniture legs is less than 2.75 inches.

Set of 4 Furniture Riser: Comes with 4 pieces of 2-inch bed risers and 4 pieces of 1-inch bed riser blocks. (Can be converted to different heights, such as 2 inches, 3 inches, or other desired heights.)