About us

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MYMULIKE Brand Story

-- A brand focusing on home, garden and health

-- Increasingly popular in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, USA and other countries.

MYMULIKE was established in 2021, in the past few years, we have created a series of products, which are very popular among buyers. For example, heightening furniture risers for home, climbing stand, flower shelf, seedling pots for gardening, pain patches, corns, nasal strips for health, etc.

MYMULIKE Brand Value

"Enjoy comfort, take care of health"

MYMULIKE's products are committed to bring everyone a relaxed, happy and healthy life.

MYMULIKE Brand Philosophy

Our products always adhere to the use of environmentally friendly, healthy and durable raw materials, adhering to the strict production process and quality control procedures, while strengthening product innovation and design, to internationalization, and constantly improve product competitiveness.